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Dairy of a Ghetto Priest | Do not kill our Babies!

Published:Friday | November 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Sister Melanie holds a baby from the Holy Innocence Centre.

Five hundred women and their babies have been saved by their stay at Holy Innocence (13-15 Heroes Circle, Kingston, Tel 948-5775 / 566-8272) - our Missionaries of the Poor sisters' home. Otherwise those babies might have been dead and their mothers filled with grief and regret. Holy Innocence was established on September 11, 2011. At that time, I was hounded by the pressure of the Jamaican Government by foreign countries and agencies. Babies were being killed in the womb by their mothers; some doctors were encouraging mothers - poor, middle-class, and even rich women - to get rid of their babies in the womb because of inconvenience.

The whole procedure was too terrible to believe as some babies had their fingers, toes, feet and hands crushed; some had their necks broken; some were suctioned out of the womb, all had the umbilical cord torn from the mother. These little babies in the womb are dependent on their mothers and cry out for mercy.




I saw several videos such as 'The Silent Scream' which I'd happily send to others to view if requested. The Government needs money, and money is important, but blood money received by the Government is not worthwhile, if the European, American, or Canadian agencies require as part of the bargain, 'we'll give you money, but abortion centres in Jamaica must be set up', or to use a euphemism, 'family-planning centres'.

In the ghettoes, I have seen signs that 'abortion is a plan to kill black people'. I dismissed it for a while, but there is some truth in it. Abortion is promoted more among black populations than anywhere else.

In Jamaica, there are some feminist groups, and some planned-parent groups that have aligned themselves with the International Planned Parent Federation based in Europe, which promotes abortion clinics. I regret this, and I am against it. Some groups have bought and sold foetuses from poor women living in poor countries.

When I placed my prayers before God, the Lord told me, "Richard stop complaining and speak out. Do something! (Establish) a women's group of sisters who will take care of pregnant women and their babies." I prayed and prayed. "It is not appropriate for brothers, or men to run a centre for women to protect little babies in the womb of the mothers. Found a women's order!" And, so the Lord's will be done. Now we have 40 Sisters who have cared for such women and babies.

Our poor countries are in debt, huge debt; we need money for schools, roads and hospitals. The agencies such as the International Monetary Fund know that we are struggling with a debt problem and they can dictate what must be done to obtain money. They will not forgive the debt, but charge huge amounts of interest that our poor countries cannot pay. But we do need money. Therefore, policies are dictated on further loans. One of the matters strongly recommended or demanded by these agencies is the matter of abortion.

We can solve the problem by promoting morality and self-control. I don't believe in loose living, I don't believe in men foregoing their respect for women. I do believe we can live a chaste, respectful, self-controlled life, and I do believe that men should observe responsibility in family life for their women and children. Planned parenthood and such agencies should push morality rather than abortion.

Europe is now destroying its own family structure and moral sense by its indiscriminate spread of atheism and secular materialism. Soon, there will be no regeneration of English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French and other European children. The death culture! Here it is! - Babies in the womb, elderly people, and those living in sadness and despair.

We must understand that life is precious, morality is precious, the Christian faith is precious, kindness and generosity is precious. The death culture - so tied up with selfishness and self-concern - at the cost of the life of the innocent and helplessness - leads to barbarism.

God spare Jamaica! God spare our world!