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Lambert Brown says senators' independence being compromised

Published:Friday | November 24, 2017 | 6:38 PM
Opposition Senator Lambert Brown

Opposition senator, Lambert Brown, believes the independence of senators is being compromised by the manner in which the government has been seeking to pass laws.

He raised the issue as the Senate debated the Bill to have another traffic ticket amnesty.

Noting that the 45-day amnesty is intended to start on Monday, Senator Brown said Senators were being forced not to propose changes to the Bill so that it can be passed in time for the intended start date.


Opposition senator, Lambert Brown.

The Bill was eventually passed without amendment, after government senators voted against an opposition proposal to change Clause Six.

Earlier in the debate, there was concern that the government may be facilitating lawlessness in its pursuit of additional revenue through another traffic ticket amnesty.

Leader of Opposition business in the Senate Donna Scott-Mottley noted that with the government raking in over $500 million of the projected $2.8 billion in unpaid tickets, she understood the temptation to try for more.

But she said the need for revenue should not override principle.

Scott-Mottley argued that it could foster a culture of lawbreaking by motorists who will then wait for another amnesty.

Government Senator Kavan Gayle also raised a similar concern.


Government Senator Kavan Gayle

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