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290 persons killed in road fatalities since January

Published:Saturday | November 25, 2017 | 12:26 PM

Jamaica is on the verge of recording 300 road deaths in a single year for the fifth straight year.

With five weeks still remaining this year, the Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport says 290 persons have died in 263 fatal crashes since January 1.

The Road Safety Unit notes, however, that road deaths are down 14 per cent this year when compared with the corresponding period last year while fatal crashes are down nine per cent.

Jamaica recorded 260 road deaths in 2012, marking the last time less than 300 persons died on the nation’s roadways in a single year.

Since then, according to statistics compiled by the Road Safety Unit, the number of fatalities has steadily increased each year, moving from 307 in 2013 to 382 in 2015 and 379 last year.

The Road Safety Unit says motorcyclists account for 30 per cent of the road users killed in motor vehicle crashes this year.