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INDECOM responds to Holness' comments about Commission

Published:Monday | November 27, 2017 | 5:14 PM
Commissioner of INDECOM Terrence Williams says the body would be accused of neglecting its duty if it were not doing the things it now does.

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has responded to comments by Prime Minister Andrew Holness that it goes too far in how it carries out its investigations.

Commissioner of INDECOM Terrence Williams says the body would be accused of neglecting its duty if it were not doing the things it now does.

During his address at the Jamaica Labour Party’s annual conference, yesterday, Holness announced that the government will be providing more funds to help with legal fees for cops dealing with INDECOM.

He suggested the actions of INDECOM were causing cops to retreat from their duties.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness

However, INDECOM says it is a myth that it is overzealous in the manner in which it conducts investigations.

It outlines that for the first three quarters of 2017, it completed 697 cases and in 649 of them it recommended no criminal charge or disciplinary action be taken.

It says it recommended criminal charges in only 12 cases and disciplinary action in 20.

INDECOM also argues that no cop who is acting within the law should be afraid or feel demoralised by INDECOM carrying out its mandate.

It says the Commission does not seek to punish members of the security forces who are carrying out their duties lawfully.

INDECOM says it’s also a myth that it takes away the rights of police officers by charging those who exercise their right not to self-incriminate.

INDECOM says the INDECOM Act does not compel self-incrimination, and whenever members of the security forces are asked to give a statement they are always reminded they can refuse to give self-incriminatory information.

Commissioner Williams says INDECOM is simply doing the job assigned to it by the Parliament.


Commissioner Independent Commission of Investigations, Terrence Williams