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Lawyer for 'death squad' cop bashes tardy National Security Ministry

Published:Monday | November 27, 2017 | 3:06 PM
Neita Robertson ... We have made several efforts to get the ballistic tests done, but nothing has happened to date.

Livern Barrett, Senior Gleaner Writer

The attorney for one of the cops charged with murder in the so-called police death squad cases today complained about what she called the tardiness of the National Security Ministry.

According to Valerie Neita Robertson, this is hampering her preparation for the trial of Corporal Kevin Adams.

Neita Roberston says attempts to have ballistic materials tested by an expert witness are at a standstill because the ministry has not made available the funds to pay for the tests.

She explained that the ministry provides assistance to police personnel who are facing criminal charges arising from an incident that occurs in the line of duty.

The Independent Commission of Investigations has charged Adams with four counts of murder in Clarendon.

One of the trials was scheduled to start in the Supreme Court today.

However, Neita-Roberston requested an adjournment.

"We have made several efforts to get it (ballistic test) done, but nothing has happened to date," she told presiding judge, Carol Lawrence Beswick.

"I think they are either awaiting a Cabinet decision or for the money to go to a special fund," she added.

The trial is now set for June 4 next year, but Lawrence Beswick has asked prosecutors and defence attorneys to return to court on February 9 for an update on whether  the ballistic tests were conducted.

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