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Policeman accused of stealing and selling exhibit freed

Published:Tuesday | November 28, 2017 | 12:10 PMRasbert Turner

A police District Constable, who was accused of stealing and selling a motorcycle which was an exhibit at the Spanish Town Police Station, has been freed by the St Catherine Parish Court.

District Constable Neville Woodburn was charged with larceny.

Woodburn, who is of a March Pen Road, Spanish Town, St Catherine address, was freed by Parish Judge Grace Henry-McKenzie who lamented that witnesses did not properly identify the accused during the trial.

The Crown had led evidence during the trial that in April 2015 Woodburn sold a motorcycle to a man for $10,000 after he stole it from the Spanish Town police station.

Subsequent to the purchase, the man who allegedly bought the bike was stopped by the police and the vehicle was found to be unlicenced.

The bike was seized and placed at the station for safekeeping while the man got the proper documents.

The man returned to the station with the required paperwork but when checks were made the exhibit was missing.

An investigation was launched by the Major Organised Crime and Anti Corruption Agency which resulted in the arrest of Woodburn.

Woodburn, who was represented by attorneys-at-law Earl Hamilton and Kimani Brydson, maintained that he was innocent.