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Campbell, Tufton clash over Cornwall Regional

Published:Friday | December 1, 2017 | 12:00 AMRomario Scott
Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton
Dr Dayton Campbell
Cornwall Regional Hospital

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton and his opposition counterpart Dr Dayton Campbell were on Wednesday engaged in a heated argument over the state of the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CHR) located in St James.

Campbell fired off the first salvo, by tweeting an article which appeared in The Gleaner on the matter, and suggesting that the health minister not dismiss his concerns and "be rude".

He was referring to an earlier tussle between himself and Tufton, where he agitated for the health ministry to act with alacrity to have the issues grappling the CRH resolved.

But, Tufton fired back: "To suggest I have been rude or dismissed anyone is simply out of order".

The opposition spokesman then took the health minister to task pointing out that to date, the Cornwall Regional Hospital has not returned to normalcy, following an extensive period of having reduced operation after the constant complaint of noxious fumes affecting staff and patients.


Work progressing


The type-A facility which is the only one of its kind located in western Jamaica has been of much concern to stakeholders. However, Tufton has said that work to improve the facility is progressing, with certain areas to be completed soon.

But obviously impatient with the pace at which the Government has been moving, Campbell urged that more priority is to be given to the hospital.

"I would appreciate you and the Government placing the priority on the issue that it deserves," Campbell said. "We would not use CRH in its current state. Why should the public do so?" he enquired.

But Tufton told the health spokesman that he would not engage in a public dispute with him over the issue.

"As I said Dayton, I will not get into a public dispute with you over this. Get your facts straight and if you are willing to work together on this, let's do it ... but I have work to do and this is not helping. Cornwall can't fix on Twitter," Tufton said.