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Cancer-stricken patient gets help

Published:Monday | December 4, 2017 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis Sr

Friends Church, Portland:

A father's only wish for Christmas is for the full recovery of his eight-year-old daughter who is stricken by cancer and battling to survive the dreaded disease.

Alray Rose has stood by the side of his daughter, Rayheisha, since her birth, painfully watching her slender body diminish as the stage 4 cancer has taken control of her internal organs.

Rose, who has been playing the role of mother and father since his common-law partner walked out when the child was only six months old, recounted that there were days when he was uncertain as to what the future held for his child, who was experiencing excruciating pain.

"In August, she did an operation and one of her kidneys was removed," said Rose.

He added: "She did chemotherapy, and because of her illness, she can no longer attend school at this time. It has really been an uphill task as she is basically in and out of hospital. But since the operation, she is showing signs of improvement, which has surprised the doctors somewhat. She visits hospital once per week for treatment. The blessings are flowing from above as I have gotten financial assistance, which will go a far way in helping with the treatment."




On Friday, the single parent was presented with cash totalling $140,000 from the Change a Life Foundation (CALF) along with a cheque for $10,000 and $4,000 in cash from businessman Andrew Morsby of Jamdung Jerk and Tings.

Additionally, Rose received $10,000 in cash from Derron Fisher of Digi Gas in Port Antonio to assist with the treatment of his daughter.

"We had something like 39 requests for personal assistance, "commented Samantha Russell, founder and president of CALF.

She continued: "This time of the year, being the festive season, we place a lot of emphasis on providing assistance to the needs of individuals. This particular request touches the heart, given the fact that it involves a child with a life-threatening illness who is supported by a father. It is not very often that we hear stories about fathers having to nurture a child with a chronic illness single-handedly."