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Dear Counsellor | A married man is after me

Published:Tuesday | December 5, 2017 | 9:43 AM

 Q Recently, I got a job at a respectable company. I was new to that institution. There was this man who talked with me and was telling me about the work environment. He was nice to talk with and on request I gave him my mobile phone number. He has a similar job to mine. However, he has a fleet of buses on the side. He makes good money. But I soon found out that he was not just intereste​d in a good work relationship. He wants to be intimate but he is married. I told him that I am not interested in a married man. He is promising me foreign trips and the world. I am unmoved. He tells me that his wife is overweight and they have problems. He states that I am the first woman he has ever been interested in because I am sweet etc. He is becoming a pest. I am sorry I gave him my telephone number. I cannot have peace in my life because I have to work with him eight hours a day. How can I shake him off?

A Do not be fooled by the ageold trick about having problems with wife. In addition, be careful of men bearing gifts and promising you the world in exchange for intimacy. He is only interested in your body and not your welfare. You can ignore his telephone calls or change your phone number. Write him a stern letter so that you can have a record that he is harassing you. In the letter, encourage him to be faithful to his wife. If he persists, you can report to your immediate supervisor that you are having a problem working with him. Hopefully, he will get the message and you will not have to take legal action.