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Opposition says Montague 'wrong and strong' in car deal controversy

Published:Tuesday | December 5, 2017 | 6:39 PM
Montague... insists that the Government has not breached the procurement guidelines and would not do so.

Opposition MP Peter Bunting on Tuesday afternoon labelled National Security Minister Robert Montague as being "wrong and strong" in the controversial contract to procure vehicles for the police.

"I had really anticipated that the National Security Minister would have come here with a humble and contrite heart, instead he has come wrong and strong," Bunting said, after Montague insisted that the Government has not breached the procurement guidelines and would not do so.

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Opposition MP Peter Bunting

Bunting said the contract was amended after it was agreed on.

As a consequence, he said CVT-transmission vehicles were imported and the contractor failed to deliver them within 90 days.

He insisted that the used car policy was ill-conceived and was not supported by proper analysis.

According to Bunting, the tender was on a speculative basis, with no specimen for the police force to inspect to see the quality.

He also insisted that based on how the tender was set up, it favoured vehicles in the worst condition winning the contract. 

Opposition MP, Horace Dalley said Montague should have come to the parliament with an apology.

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