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Theft hampering streetlight repair programme

Published:Tuesday | December 5, 2017 | 8:47 AM

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) says theft of lamps is among the challenges it is encountering as it tries to keep streetlights on.

The company says it’s also challenged by wilful destruction of streetlights; electricity theft and the subsequent loss of lights and transformers. 

In addition, the JPS says there are areas in which persons have deliberately knocked out, shot, or otherwise destroyed the lamps to create a cover for illegal activities. 

However, the company says it continues to work closely with the Government to meet the needs of customers.  

The JPS says since the start of 2017 it has repaired 16,277 streetlights islandwide. 

In addition, it says some 35,000 streetlights will be upgraded by the end of the year, to smart LED lights, which are more energy efficient and have a longer service life.  

The JPS says the upgrading programme will eventually cover all 105,000 streetlights that the company owns across the island.

In the meantime, the JPS is reminding persons that applications for new streetlights in their communities are to be directed to the Ministry of Local Government, as the Company must be authorisedb bythe Parish Council to install new street lighting infrastructure.