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Overcoming lust

Published:Saturday | December 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Apostle Andrew Scott's latest book.
Apostle Andrew Scott

Apostle Andrew Scott is tackling a prominent sinful giant with his latest project, a book called Overcoming the Spirit of Lust. The co-founder of the Greater Works International Fellowship told Family and Religion that encouragement to take on such a topic came from various places.

"The inspiration came by listening to and watching the news, seeing and hearing the everyday talk of murder, watching people seek to get stuff that they don't have and seeing how they are willing to do risky things to acquire it. I watch kids looking at the 'big man' at the corner, wanting to become a don because of what he seems to have,"said Scott. He argued that sometimes this is the result of rejection by parents, friends and family members.

Scott noted that lust has also increased in the country and is partially driven by sex appeal, which is glorified in advertisements of various products.

"Many of these strong, morbid desires are driven by lust, but people don't know," Scott pointed out. "They want the finer things of life, but they are going about it the wrong way. So, there was a cry for help, the people needed answers. The cry was getting louder in schools, marriages, homes, companies, churches and even nations; so, I was inspired to first teach then to write about it."

The author said Overcoming the Spirit of Lust exposes the sinful desire as it outlines the different kinds of lust, what triggers it and explains typical passion and how to rid yourself of that which is unholy.

"We all have regular normal desire, but when that desire is out of control to the extent that you will do anything to acquire it then it must be dealt with," Scott said.




He noted that the book will help others in showing them the path to life and how to be free from the lust for food, power and status, adding that it will provide an escape route for the present and future generations.

Overcoming the Spirit of Lust was launched on November 29 alongside two revised copies of books that were previously published by the author: God's Prescription for Marriage and Relationships and Building the Spiritual Man.

Recalling how he came to be an author, the prophet said: "If you are a student, as you attend classes you will take notes as they are given by the lecturer. Similarly, as God spoke to me, I wrote and put information and revelation in the form of a hard copy - a book."

"It is a good thing to write. As a topic and information come, I tend to make jottings. Over the years, they have provided answers and help for persons, couples and children who have experienced great results," recounted Scott. "Because these jottings have helped so many people, some kept encouraging me to put them in book form and after several years I yielded." He added that books are great as an evangelical tool as many people enjoy reading.