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Businesswoman accused of having fake rubbing alcohol freed

Published:Monday | December 11, 2017 | 1:56 PMRasbert Turner

A St Catherine businesswoman has been freed of being in possession of fake rubbing alcohol.

U Wen, who is of Chinese heritage, was freed on Friday by parish judge Grace Henry-McKenzie of charges of breaching the Trademark Act, the Customs and Excise Act and using fictitious label.

Wen was arrested and charged by the police in 2014 after 48 cases of fake Benjamin Rubbing Alcohol were found at her wholesale in Spanish Town.

In handing down her decision, the judge said there were holes in the Crown's case.

Henry-McKenzie said that the police failed to establish if the goods were for sale and if the accused had knowledge that they were fake.

She further said that the police did not establish if the businesswoman had intended to deceive the public into believing that the items were real.

The judge said that the accused, who was represented by attorney Lancelot Clarke Jr, barely speaks English and no attempt was made by the police to get an interpreter.

The accused made attempts to assist but the police refused her help.

As a result of these foul-ups, the judge said that the accused must be given the benefit of the doubt, freeing her of all charges.