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Cut your speed! Henry urges road users to be cautious during the festive season

Published:Friday | December 15, 2017 | 4:40 PM

Transport Minister Mike Henry is imploring Jamaicans to be extremely cautious and responsible on the nation’s roads during the festive season.

The warning comes against the background of 303 persons being killed in road crashes since the start of 2017.

Henry says the speeds recorded in the black boxes that are involved in road crashes are frightening.

He noted that pedestrians are being hit at speeds of between 38 kilometres per hour and 100 kilometres per hour and they are never able to survive such impacts.

Henry says too many persons have been injured or killed because of excessive speed.

He’s urging Jamaicans to reduce their speed and utilise proper road conduct.

The transport minister was speaking at a function in New Kingston yesterday.