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97 cars to be handed over to police today

Published:Tuesday | December 19, 2017 | 9:46 AM

Minister of National Security Robert Montague is set to hand over 97 service vehicles to the police force today.

The planned delivery of the cars comes even as the government seeks to resolve issues surrounding the importation of 200 used cars for the police force.

The contractor, O’Brien's International has only delivered 30 of the expected amount more than nine months after the deadline.

The national security minister says discussions are to be held with O'Brien's International on the Advance Payment Guarantee bond under its contract to supply used cars fro use by the police force.

The bond is valued at $213 million and represents half of the value of the contract, which was paid by the ministry as a deposit.

The national security ministry has already called in the $42 million performance bond paid by the company as part of the contract.

The police have complained that their anti-crime strategies have been hampered by a vehicle shortage.