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Melvin Jones hailed for his commitment to May Pen North

Published:Tuesday | December 26, 2017 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston
Melvin Jones

Residents of Bucknor in May Pen, Clarendon, have been hard hit by the Christmas Day death of Jamaica Labour Party councillor Melvin Jones.

Jones, who died at age 80, had been serving that community from 1998, both as a councillor and a justice of the peace.

In fact, his commitment to service was what powered his last visit to May Pen Mayor Winston Maragh's office on December 18.

"He was always working for the people, and on his last visit, he came to request if I could ask my secretary to do some JP letters," Maragh said.

The mayor said that Jones was also at a municipal corporation meeting a month ago batting for his people.

"The last meeting he came to, he wasn't feeling too well. We knew he went to the doctor, so we weren't expecting him, but he showed up asking about water for Pennantwood. He also told us about the state of the road, and I went with him to look at the road," Maragh recalled.

Maragh said that their friendship went back 40 years as Jones used to work for Custos of Clarendon William Shagoury before leaving to join the staff of EB Sing and Sons Limited, a construction company.

Turning 80, according to Maragh, did not slow down the late councillor one bit as he described him as being very "sharp for his age".

... Void in the constituency

Member of Parliament for May Pen Central Mike Henry has issued high praise for Jamaica Labour Party Councilor for the Bucknor division Melvin Jones, whose loss he said would leave a great void in the constituency.

"Melvin gave to the constituency, and he gave more than he received, and we will miss him very dearly and seek to ensure that we retain his dream and vision," Henry said.

A Bucknor resident, who identified himself as 'Flour', described Jones as "the general", "di real big boss", who he said made things happen for the area.

"Every likkle ting, dah man deh mek tings run. A day like today, Christmas Day, if him would a up and running, him would a pass through. Yeah, man! Di whole a di yout love him," he said of Jones's involvement in the area.

So great was his impact on the community that 'Flour' is predicting that his replacement will "haffi come good".

"Nuff tings 'bout Missa Jones. Man a mi real councillor," he said.

Clinton Rowe said that the whole community was sad as result of his death.

"All a we sad. A wi councillor," he told The Gleaner.

'Warren' described the late councillor as one of the best.

"Man might nuh get nutten from him still, but him good in the community fi di baby, fi di dawg, and anyone else," he said.