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‘Mysterious illness’ strikes Portland police

Published:Wednesday | December 27, 2017 | 10:23 AM

Gareth Davis Sr, Gleaner Writer

Several rank and file members of the police force in Portland have joined other colleagues across the island in not turning up for work this morning having called in sick.

Commanding officer in charge of the Portland police, Deputy Superintendent Oniel Thompson told The Gleaner that approximately 70 of his charges have called in sick between Wednesday of last week into yesterday.

Thompson said that although the number of those calling in sick is significant, they police were still able to offer full service to the residents of Portland.

"We were able to carry out patrols and to remain visible in the Port Antonio area," said Thompson.

"Public spaces were adequately monitored by us, and we were able to maintain law and order throughout the five days of real commercial activity starting from Friday last week to Boxing Day. However if there is a real emergency, our resources, in terms of man power, will be stretched," added Thompson.

Rank and file members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force have been missing duties since last week in what is believed to be an unofficial response to the Government’s failure to increase its six per cent wage offer.