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Prophecies (Pt 3) - The Prophetic Word Of The Lord For 2018 And Onwards

Published:Wednesday | January 3, 2018 | 12:00 AM
White House
Prince Harry
Taj Mahal

Through Prophetess Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Lyston, Prophetess Michelle Lyston, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophetess Nadra Brotherton, Prophet O. Onesto Jolly, Prophet David Benoit.

Word for the World

1. Globally, things will become so serious that even famous and historical landmarks will be utterly destroyed. So if people don't change the way they think and operate, we will see that the suicide rate will increase to a level we have never seen before. Watch the Taj Mahal and other historic and protected places globally. Some of these happenings will be frightening. The Lord is going to visit the temple monks as a sign that Jesus is coming.

2. Focus on Revelation 5, Revelation 8, and Revelation 18. We are going to see a lot of problems with the cosmos (cosmic convulsions) similar to Exodus 10: 21 - as a sign of God's displeasure in the earth. There will be a lot of activity on/with the sun, and scientists will have their hands full. There will be problems with vegetation as well as volcanic eruptions, increase of earthquakes in diverse places, and serious problems with marine life. May fish will die and there will be great pollution. Meteors will fall and there will be increased testing of weapons in the sea. (Joel 2: 30 - 32, Jeremiah 9: 15 - 23). All these things will affect crop, property, and life. We will be seeing greater flooding, more bloodshed, and pestilence.

3. Many nations will now rise up against Israel like never before, and will join in a coalition against the state. They will have secret meetings, and coerce other nations to join in the fight against Israel. Watch Germany, Russia, France, and other countries.

4. We must pray for Israel. There will be nations which will be redeemed in relationships with Israel, the church, and Jerusalem. There will be great persecution of the church in 2018. All eyes will also be on the church in 2018. All eyes will be on Israel, and we will see the awakening power of the bride and the bridegroom coming together out of the wilderness.

5. Many earthly governments will experience collapse. The Lord shall expose many prominent politicians around the world, especially in the USA, France, Switzerland, Norway, Uganda, Germany, India, Pakistan, China, South Korea, Grenada, and Dominica. Also, the people in New Delhi, India are crying out for economic change, and they are willing to demonstrate for this change to come forth now. Furthermore, the Prime minister of Germany will institute three new laws that will affect its neighbouring countries. The Spirit of the Lord says that it is time for accountability from the leaders worldwide, for His judgment is sure, and He is not mocked!

6. Three world leaders will go down and suffer defeat in 2018. Also, the most powerful world leader will have mixed thoughts about walking away from his responsibilities. No one knows the depths of the pain that he has in his heart because of the responsibility. The Lord says that the people must pray for stability.

7. There will be wars in the ocean. Many problems will arise in the oceans, which can cause major losses, especially with tuna fish. Many who eat tuna fish will get sick because of ocean contamination.

8. Many plagues are going to break out on those who practice witchcraft and sexual immorality, and those who rob the poor. (Revelation 9: 21; Revelation 16) There are going to be a lot of skin diseases happening, because the kingdom of heaven is at hand and God is warning His people to be ready.

9. Pray for Pastor Joel Osteen and his family. There will also be a mighty purging of the cardinals in the Vatican.

10.. There is a spiritual explosion that is about to happen within the USA that will cause many to scatter seeking for new church, and for some, it will deter them from finding a church home. "Because of lack of knowledge, My people perish. Many have gone back to the beggarly elements. I am preparing you, my people, to go back into the harvest field to reap the harvest," says the Lord.

11. Many US soldiers will be court marshalled for hacking into classified documents.

12. A lot of controversy will surround the Royal Family as Prince Harry and his fiancÈe approach their wedding day.

13. The Spirit of the Lord says that there needs to be more attention placed upon children everywhere (globally) who are neglected (rejected) and without shelter and food.

14.. Homelessness will increase within the US by 80 per cent.

15. There will be weeping and wailing throughout the country. Many will be coming under great stress and will flee to the Appalachian Mountains. There are more forest fires expected to burn in California that will force some of the people to reside in other states. More floods and disasters will continue to hit the world. There will be more natural disasters worldwide in the forms of tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Pray for all means of transportation and protection of the people.

16. Nations need to be ready to assist other nations because a chemical disaster is at large. Many seas are going to be polluted due to rebellion in man throughout the ecosystem. I saw in the Spirit the extinction of Dolphins due to severe pollution. Due to the severe pollution that will be taking place, many will become infected from every class level. However, the poor will be more susceptible to the health hazards.

17.. Six states in the USA will suffer greatly. Cease your fighting among each other, Republicans and Democrats. You are walking in pride, and I hate a proud look. Prepare your hearts - I will pour out fresh anointing. This is your season. More exposures are coming for both the Democratic and Republican Parties - many will be forced to hand in their resignations.

18. Pray for the continent of Africa. There will be more disasters, murders, and killings. Spend time in My presence. Wait on Me until you hear Me. Also in 2018, watch Egypt, Syria, Greece, Italy, Iraq, Iran, China, Russia, Turkey, and the USA

19. Fires will burn in diverse places in America, Africa, and west of Indonesia.

20. The Lord is taking down those of the rich who extort the poor, so that some of them will sit down at the doorsteps of the poor and be seek help from them, but some will be seeking help to be rich again quickly.

21. Kentucky and Texas are going to get hit with disasters.

22. It may seem as if some of the African nations have not been touched, however, many of them will experience worse. There is an evil that exists in Nigeria that is worse than what we have seen before, and it will be exposed.

23. There is restlessness within the US police force. Racism within is causing the divide to widen. Pray for the police force throughout the United States.

24. There will be a wave of different prejudices coming to the fore across the world to bring division among race, color, ethnicity, language, and tongue.

25. More will go from the White House.

26. We will see cyber-electronic devices, IDs, and other data-driven systems that will be implemented under the guise of boosting national security and bringing economic growth to countries, but the Lord tells His people to be ready.

27. There will be major breakthroughs in medicine. However, the discrimination regarding who gets help will be very evident.

28. New laws will be put in place to oppress the Church. and these will be implemented under the guise of the interfaith - read Revelation 12.

29. For the Lord said, "A lot of evil will be exposed by the end of this year and into the next year." This is a warning, as God is not pleased. He has given many warnings, and many have not heeded. As exposure takes place, things will become worse. Therefore, all Christians need to live holy lives, and all unsaved persons need to repent and turn their lives to Him now. For the Lord says that as He exposes the evil and the evil plans, especially in some nations, many will have heart attacks, and some will have brain damage. There are some who will lose the will to live. A decision is going to be made and it will be a worldwide command/decree. It will shake the entire world and it will not be contested. This is when we will see the true Christians of the century. It will spark a worldwide war which will affect every nation. But true believers, whether they live or die, will be saved. God will give us the grace to stand fast by His word; and when things reach an alarming height, those in authority will propose some kind of drug to silence those who are badly affected.

30.. Places of pleasure and amusement will become as nothing. Mighty men and women, especially those who turn their backs on God, will fall from their haughty lifestyles, and this is the beginning of earth's sorrows. Those who promote it will soon drink from the bitter cup which will be poured out on the earth, and they will reap what they have sown.

31. The Lord is calling upon Capitol Hill in the United States of America to humbly come before the Lord, both Democrats and Republicans, and seek Him for the nation and its unity. They are spending too much time plotting against each other, while the nation is suffering. For the Lord said, "Nothing is hidden from Him, God." God is going to show a sign in Capitol Hill that is going to bring everyone to their knees. And they will know the power of God.

32. Urgent cry for the country of Uganda as there is a plot to overthrow the government. Christians need to cry out so that Uganda won't plunge into chaos. There will be a restructuring within the Government of Uganda.

33. There needs to be a united effort to deal with the refugee crisis. Member states from the United Nations need to re-negotiate the Preamble of the 1951 Convention on Refugees. There is going to be a heavy influx of refugees that will be running for their lives to Hawaii, USA, and to some European nations. We need to pray for them.

34. Pray for the United Nations. Crises will begin to hit globally, and they will be caught off guard. What is written on paper is not what is taking place on the ground. The United Nations needs to get back to the original mandate, international peace, security, and economics issues. This will lead to many resignations. God needs them to seek Him, and seek His people for spiritual guidance. Without a revelation, the people will perish. There are growing issues within the United Nations that will be made public.

35. Pray that global world leaders will put plans in place in the event of famine that will hit the globe. In particular, health, food, shelter, storage, and logistics.

36. A popular world leader will be leaving the scene.

37. I saw in the Spirit a decision made by the President of the USA this year within the economic sector that will shock the world. Pray also for US politician Paul R. Leonard and his health.

38. The Lord says that the US government is about to experience serious, heavily influential, and manipulative forces that will affect polices and state governance. We must pray against ulterior motives hidden under good morals. Many women and men will be appointed to positions of power and great influence, but their motives are less than wholesome, and are dangerous to the Christian faith and to the country.

39. The Lord says that the gates within the nation must be guarded - the churches, private sector and the government (federal, state, and local). Whatever the church allows to slip through could be the beginning of the end.

40. Christian leaders who are counselors/advisers to the president and governors in the USA, God says that you're asleep and need to be awakened. He is going to shift you out and shift in true watchmen who are vigilant and sensitive to the Holy Spirit; those who will not be afraid to speak what God is actually saying.

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The prophecies given are for 2018 onward. God can choose to hold His hand back from any form of judgement pending, subject to the repentance of nations and individuals. Jonah 3: 510; Exodus 32: 14; Jeremiah 18: 711; Amos 7: 36; II Kings 20: 111 and I Corinthians 13: 9. Please remember, God does whatever He pleases (Psalm 135: 6). He changes Times and Seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings (Daniel 1: 2023).