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Dwayne Wedderburn | The power of the Lord to heal

Published:Saturday | January 6, 2018 | 12:02 AM

"And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and He shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee." (Exodus 23vs 25)

Our eternal God of heaven, our Father and Creator, has expressed categorically His ability and willingness to heal His people from sickness and diseases. The demonstration of God's power to heal is evident in many scriptures in the Bible. God's ability to heal is not confined to scriptural accounts. The power of the Lord to heal man from sickness and diseases is still very evident in the world today. Many persons are living testimonies of God's divine healing in their own bodies.

"I had sciatica from lifting an elderly woman I've been to the ER twice and the doctors advised that I had to do surgery or physiotherapy. I was on several medications, some as strong as morphine. I had lower back pains and pains shooting down my legs.

"As a mother, I can tell you that the pains I felt were more severe than labour pain. I came to church and you prayed for me, and the pains went instantly. I have had no recurring pain, and I've not taken any medication since October 2016. Indeed, the Lord has healed me," says Denise Scarlett. She, like many other members of my congregation, has testimonies of divine healing from high blood pressure, to the disappearance of all kinds of lumps. Healing from headaches, back pain, stomach problems, and other infirmities have been their reality.The Power of the Lord to heal is still a reality.


Healing is for everyone


Jesus Christ died on Calvary's cross to bear the penalty of sin for all mankind. Sickness is a direct penalty of sin. Healing, like forgiveness of sin, is made available to man through and in Christ. Isaiah declared that with His stripes, we are healed. The first step for healing is to believe that Jesus Christ our saviour is indeed the healer of all infirmities. Look only to Him, ask by faith for healing, and indeed, He will answer your request.


Healing takes place in the presence of the lord


Many persons have suffered long with many infirmities and have believed and have asked God to remove their sickness. They have prayed, fasted, repeated healing scriptures and songs, but their infirmities did not go away. Many have been prayed for with the laying on of hands, and still nothing has changed though not wavering in faith. Many believers are searching scriptures, asking questions, doing many enquiries to unravel the reason for not receiving healing from the Lord.

Sickness was initiated by Satan after man sinned and was expelled from his home and from God's presence. All the scriptural principles for healing are effective when applied in the direct tangible presence of the Lord. The prerequisite to enter the direct presence of the Lord is to ensure that we confess all our sins to Jesus and ask Him to come into our hearts. After our sins are out of the way, we must wait on the Lord, in the atmosphere of worship, praying to Him, focusing on Him alone and not on our infirmities. We wait in this atmosphere until the Holy Spirit sees it fit to come and quicken our spirits and take us into the direct presence of the Lord. It is then, in His presence, that we are empowered by Him to rebuke the spirits of infirmities, and healing takes place. It is in His direct, tangible presence when commanded to go, pains leave instantly, lumps disappear, blood pressure is normalised. It is in the presence of the Lord that Satan's power is broken and all curse of sickness destroyed.

Practising to live in His presence and experiencing the tangibility of His existence will ensure that our commands to our arch enemy Satan have great power and authority. Demons will run, setting free those who are bound by sickness and diseases.

All sick persons can be healed of their infirmities. Healing takes place only in the presence of the Lord.

- Dwayne Wedderburn is an Apostle at World Harvest Mission Church. Please send feedback to https://fb.me/worldharvestmissionchurch