Fri | Dec 14, 2018

POA accuses Montague of interfering in police operations, exec to accompany commish to meet him

Published:Sunday | January 7, 2018 | 11:46 PM
National Security Minister Robert Montague

The Police Officers’ Association is accusing the National Security Minister Robert Montague of interfering in the operations of the police force.

In a statement issued Sunday night, Association Chairman Superintendent Catherine Lord, said she was "extremely concerned" about the serious distractions from the management of major crimes that have occurred in recent times.

The association head also revealed that members of her executive will be accompanying Police Commissioner George Quallo to a reported meeting with Montague on Monday morning.

"The executive of the Police Officers’ Association will accompany our commissioner to the office of the Minister of National Security and will await his exit from the meeting," Lord said in the release.

She said Montague's interference in the operations of the force has negatively impacted the Office of the Commissioner of Police and the morale of the officer corps.

The Police Officers' Association boss said too that she was concerned that the Minister seems to be attempting to engage the Commissioner on several issues through the media.

She highlighted the issues of: 

*Promotions within the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) 
*The handling of the entertainment event held on New Year’s Day in the vicinity of the Palisadoes Strip and;
*The direct interference in the distribution of vehicles within the JCF

"These actions are likely to derail the law enforcement strategies of the Commissioner of Police, aimed at crime control; and have affected the morale of our officer corps which is a major concern for the Police Officers’ Association," Lord said.

The Association is urging the Ministry of National Security to apply the protocol and dignity required to communicate with the office of the Commissioner of Police and to desist from creating what it calls major distractions that have been impacting the management of the force. 

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