Mon | Oct 15, 2018

University forges partnership with corporate Jamaica

Published:Monday | January 8, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Executive chairman of the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) Group, Dr Winston Adams, has pointed out that an initiative to launch associate degree and college credits programme in high schools this year is expected to benefit from local commercial and industrial linkages.

This will allow students to gain hands-on experience in a variety of ways, as well as the potential for employment following graduation or internship opportunities during the summers.

According to Adams, this will create a workforce pipeline that will be attractive to corporate Jamaica setting up or expanding operations in a given parish.

Adams said the university will seek to partner and engage with interested businesses to mentor and provide internships for students seeking certain associate degrees in demand so that on graduation, they are ideal candidates to fill critical positions.


Hiring advantage


These ASc degree graduates will, therefore, enjoy a hiring advantage at those organisations.

"It is our belief that higher education now constitutes a primary force driving the sustainability of development, and an undergraduate degree impacts positively on the life experiences of our graduates," said Adams.

"It raises wages and productivity as well as enhances the quality of civil society; and, in general, graduates earn more than non-graduates, particularly in the medium to long term," he added.

The programme is to be officially launched on Thursday, January 25, at the UCC's main campus in Kingston.