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Being a mom is like winning the lottery

Published:Saturday | January 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Davia Davidson
Davidson with her bundles of joy.
Davia Davidson

Doctors preach that the maternal bond begins from pregnancy, with the female adjusting her lifestyle to suit the needs of the developing foetus.

And though this connection between a mother and her unborn child is one of those things that you'd probably have to experience to understand, one can still imagine the pain of a mommy who never gets a chance to meet her baby.

The first time Davia Davidson lost a baby, she was 18 years old.

"Though I was quite young, I was excited, because I was madly in love with my partner.

"At three months, things took a turn for the worse. I was admitted to the hospital for having a miscarriage, which was tragic because the service there was horrible," she said, adding that her admission lasted for a week.

Davidson told Family & Religion that following her miscarriage, she cried every time she saw a baby.

Admitting that she really wanted to fill the void, she revealed her second pregnancy came in 2016; this one lasting as far as six months.

"My relationship got sour, my partner became abusive, and I was stressed. It (miscarriage) hurt the second time even more, because I thought this one was actually coming. I had gone shopping (for the baby) and had developed such a bond. Then boom! I was admitted again. I lost my son," she said.

Davidson said she was diagnosed with and treated for depression this time around, and vowed to herself that she would never get pregnant again because, maybe, according to her, she wasn't meant to have children.




With the help of three close friends and the prayers of others, she was able to rise above the depression.

Then came June of last year.

It was a friend who recommended that Davidson visited the doctor as she was looking pale.

"I went by the hospital and I was sent to do multiple tests, including an ultrasound. Upon doing so, I was expecting to hear something like 'you have fibroids' because of something that the doctor had said to me earlier.

"Instead, the doctor looked at me and said, 'Wow! Ms Davidson, you are 21 weeks (five months) pregnant'!" she recalled, adding that she laughed and brushed it off.

But the doctor didn't stop there. Davidson was pregnant with a pair of boys, a revelation that caused her to pass out in the doctor's office.

"On September 6, 2017, at 12:27 and 12:35 in the morning, I blessed my eyes on the most adorable little kings. I literally cried the entire time as I stayed up all night staring at them, repeatedly saying, 'Thank you, Jesus, for my two boys'."

The mother of two told Family and Religion that she felt as if she had won the lottery and that her babies are more than a blessing to her.

"The best thing about being a mom is watching them grow, especially when they've passed the worst. When I breastfeed and look into their brown eyes, they say everything, and when they look at me and smile, my heart melts into a million pieces," said a happy Davidson.