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Dwayne Wedderburn | Jamaica, repent

Published:Saturday | January 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Satanic altars, human sacrifices to Satan, the blatant practice of witchcraft and idolatry have acted as fuel to the murder crisis in Jamaica. The recent statement by the Minister of National Security regarding the discovery of satanic altars by our security forces has surprised many and outraged some.

However, some people are resolute in continuing these evil acts. They continue to worship Satan giving free access to demons which influence men to perpetuate acts of murder and bloodshed. With Jamaica recording approximately five murders per day it is easy to conclude that witchcraft, idolatry and satanic worship is widespread.With The evident destruction that these occult practices have caused, there needs to be an individual decision and a national declaration to cast aside all satanic altars. Individual and national repentance from witchcraft is urgent.




"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"(Mark 8v 36-37)

If one man single-handedly owned all the wealth of this world and lived for one thousand years then die without accepting Jesus , his entire life would have been unprofitable. He would have secured a one-way ticket to hell to be tormented throughout eternity. All the riches of this world cannot equate to the value of one human soul. To trade one's soul for any degree of riches, wealth, fame, fortune, position or possession is a great deception from Satan.

Satan cannot afford to purchase a soul. There is no power greater than the blood of Jesus. The only redeemable commodity for a human's soul is the blood of Jesus.If a man was deceived in trading his soul, there is still repentance for him in Jesus because Satan and all his schemes cannot amass enough value to purchase one soul. All satanic soul selling transactions will become instantly null and void when washed with the blood of Jesus. There is access to eternal salvation through Jesus Christ to all sinners, regardless of who they are and what they have done or how deeply involved they are in the occult and in evil. The blood of Jesus can and will ransom all sinners.




"My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not." (Proverbs 1 vs 10)

The temptation to gain wealth illegally in this nation has attracted various forms of demon worship. Some persons use diabolic means to amass great wealth. Others, after committing multiple acts of bloodshed to create wealth and power, have turned to demonic sources for protection.Persons who have chosen this path have charted a clear road of destruction for themselves and their lineage, four generations down.

Demonic worship for wealth spans all social classes across this land. Many bright, young professionals are lured into secret societies without fully understanding the soul perishing consequences of being a member of these associations. It is presented to them wrapped neatly in a package of wealth, recognition, connection and power. The church has also been infiltrated by witches and warlocks, evildoers and idolaters.The same model that Jesus uses, urging His disciples to go into all the world and preach the Gospel,is being counteracted by Satan. His human agents have gone into all the churches, sometimes comfortably positioned at the helm,working Satan's agenda to the detriment of the nation, the spiritually blind and ignorant believers in Christ.




As a nation, we have found ourselves in a deep web of spiritual dilemma and our state is displeasing to God. Jamaica's Repentance Will Change the Nation. Preaching the Gospel, the good news of God's salvation, to all sinners is urgent. We must choose repentance through the blood of Jesus Christ.The gospel is needed across the length and breadth of this land. The saving grace of Jesus must be the only theme of our message.

The Gospel is to be preached with power undiluted and uncompromised. The church of Jesus Christ needs to urgently refocus on its primary mission, to win souls for God's Kingdom. Without the repentance of this nation, from the leaders to the least significant, the perpetual demonic influence in our affairs will continue to result in bloodshed and devastation. It is with great urgency I implore you. Jamaica, repent!

- Dwayne Wedderburn is an apostle at World Harvest Mission Church.

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