Mon | Dec 10, 2018

Mahfood: Clampdown on delinquent real estate owners, use taxes to aid crime fight

Published:Monday | January 29, 2018 | 12:33 PMJohn Myers Jr
Persons stand in line while they wait to conduct business at a tax office in Kingston.

Businessman John Mahfood is recommending that government pursue owners of substantial real estate holdings who are not paying their taxes to fund crime fighting.

The businessman says there are many persons in Jamaica with substantial real estate holdings who are collecting rental and not paying over the requisite taxes to the government.


Mahfood says these uncollected taxes from real estate, along with the funds being held in dormant accounts and unclaimed insurance proceeds, amount to billions of dollars which can assist the government to pay for the resources to fight crime.

The businessman says the next police commissioner will have to be given the requisite resources, along with undertaking the reform of the Jamaica Constabulary Force which is long overdue, as well as the justice system, in order for that person to succeed at fighting crime in Jamaica.


CEO of Jamaican Teas, John Mahfood