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McLEAN MURDER TRIAL: Accused apologises to judge for boisterous behaviour

Published:Thursday | February 1, 2018 | 5:58 PM

Damion Mitchell, Integration Editor

Murder accused Michael McLean has said sorry to Justice Bertram Morrison for his boisterous behaviour in court this morning.

"I’m sorry about this morning," McLean said as attorneys rose this afternoon for adjournment at the end of day two of his murder trial.

"Apology accepted, no harm done," Morrison replied.

McLean is on trial for the murder of six people from two families in 2006.

This morning he got into a tirade as he fired his lawyer in court saying that he had not been doing a good job.

Meanwhile, McLean is now representing himself.

‎"You are aware that Mr Collman was appointed to represent you?" Morrison asked.

"Not appointed, I paid him!" McLean shouted.

"I withdraw," Collman said.

But Morrison said he would not allow the defence counsel to withdraw at this point.

Instead, he asked Collman to remain to assist McLean with the technical legal matters.

During the boisterous display by McLean, Morrison threatened to impose restraint on him.

If you persist with that behaviour I'm going to ask that they muzzle you," Morrison said.

But McLean's outburst would only grow louder, as he claimed that for the 12 years he has been in custody, his character has been assassinated and he wanted to speak.

He also said in the 12 years he has been in custody under “high security”, he dated two teachers and one secretary and he had the evidence on a memory card he wished to turn over to the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM).

He also made a series of allegations against the director of public prosecutions Paula Llewellyn accusing her of calling his family and making unfavourable comments.

Llewellyn denied the allegations.

As McLean made the charges, his temperament intensified.

"I'm warning you!" Morrison interjected.

"Can I speak now?" ‎McLean shouted.

"I'm warning you," Morrison repeated.

"Jesus Christ!" McLean replied, turning his back to the judge.

He also told the judge that he did not expect a fair trial and so he should be removed from the case.

"I'm not your kid; I don't have to listen to you!" McLean said as he demanded that the judge be removed.

"He has to be restrained now," Morrison said.

A woman police inspector mounted the dock and a male cop stood nearby.

The judge then called for a policeman to mount the dock.

At that point, McLean eventually became calm and no further action was taken.

Meanwhile at the end of the session, McLean, upon completing his first cross-examination uttered: “I did great!”

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