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Growth & Jobs | Job creation in film industry high on JAMPRO's agenda for 2018

Published:Monday | February 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Renee Robinson, film commissioner.

Film Commissioner Renee Robinson has said that job creation in screen-based industries is a major part of JAMPRO's strategy for 2018. Robinson made the comments at the 3rd annual Film Commission's Open House Forum that was held recently in Kingston.

While stimulating financing opportunities for film production, creating routes to market for commercially viable local content, and legitimising the sector's ecosystem, JAMPRO will be executing an aggressive promotional programme to encourage more production in Jamaica,while widening the ecosystem that will allow for greater opportunities in the animation sector.

Animation will continue to receive special focus, as the industry has a high potential for creating jobs for the digitally savvy - animators, designers, 3D and motion graphic designers, content editors, among others. This will ultimately provide an avenue to develop raw local talent into highly skilled resources.


Promote Investment


JAMPRO's film commissioner said that the agency will be building deeper international partnerships to promote investment in the sector, which will become a greater priority for the film commission.

Robinson said, "We have seen an uptick in traction for creative economy infrastructure and capital expenditure projects, both as physical studios and digital 'builds' in the form of distribution platforms, with related parties expressing greater interest in doing business in Jamaica. One of our priorities is to ensure that these projects enjoy an ease of doing business and are connected to the right local investors and partners to bring these ventures to fruition."

 Formalising the creative economy to encourage growth in jobs

As part of its three-year sector strategy, JAMPRO will be continuing its work on the development of the film fund and the steps necessary to formalise the sector. Robinson said that these activities will be critical to supporting the job creation objective, which should enable Jamaicans working in the sector to have consistent employment in screen-based industries and work on an ongoing basis.

Explaining the need to formalise the industry, Film Commissioner at JAMPRO Renee Robinson said, "One of the critical factors in being able to truly assess the economic impact of the screen industries on the nation's GDP is to ensure that baseline data, employment stats, and auxiliary services that impact the sector's multiplier are properly captured and analysed. We are in the process of making amendments to the film registration regime in order to better capture the true economic impact of the sector, which is currently vastly under-reported.

"The creative economy is delivering more jobs and more linkages for the country than is being acknowledged institutionally, and formalising the ecosystem is a big step in the right direction that the JAMPRO Film Commission will focus on in 2018."