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Shouting match in Parliament over suspension of debate on Banking Services Act

Published:Tuesday | February 6, 2018 | 5:20 PMJerome Reynolds
Opposition member, Fitz Jackson

The House of Representatives this afternoon descended into a shouting match between government and opposition members over a bill to amend the Banking Services Act, which, among other things, seeks to regulate fees charged by deposit-taking institutions.

The chaos began after opposition member, Fitz Jackson, who is piloted the private member’s bill, strongly opposed a decision by the Leader of Government Business, Everald Warmington, to suspend further debate on the proposed legislation.

IN PHOTO: Everald Warmington

Jackson accused the government of railroading the bill, lamenting that the matter has been before parliament since 2016 and no further delay would be allowed.


Opposition MP, Fitz Jackson, and before him, Leader of Government Business, Everald Warmington.

Warmington resisted arguments from Jackson for the debate to continue and for the bill to be taken through all its stages.

As the resolution to suspend the debate on the Bill was put to the House, the Opposition called for a divide.

The Government would use its majority to pass the resolution in favour of the suspension.

Afterwards, Jackson demanded to know when the bill would be brought back for debate and conclusion.

Responding, Warmington said that this would be done next week.

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