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Appointment of Acting Chief Justice was not to facilitate me - Malahoo Forte

Published:Thursday | February 8, 2018 | 9:58 AMJerome Reynolds
Malahoo Forte ... has also defended Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ decision to put Justice Sykes on probation.

Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte says there is no truth to claims that the appointment of Bryan Sykes to act as Chief Justice was to facilitate her ascension to the job.

There was speculation that Malahoo Forte was being considered for the post.

But speaking on TVJ’s All Angles last night, Malahoo Forte said she was not considered for the post nor does she have an interest in the job at this time.

She said speculation about her intentions are unfounded and are being used to drive misinformation.

According to the Attorney General, if she was in the judiciary and the relevant authorities considered her to be a good choice, then she would aspire to the office of the Chief Justice.
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IN PHOTO: Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Acting Chief Justice Bryan Sykes

However, she said she's happy serving in the Parliament and the Cabinet.


Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte

Meanwhile, Malahoo Forte has defended Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ decision to put Justice Sykes on probation.

She says he has acted in accordance with the Constitution.

Holness is facing strong push back from members of the legal fraternity, the parliamentary opposition and others about appointing the respected judge to act as Chief Justice.

Arguing that there needs to be an improvement in judicial accountability and performance, the prime minister said Justice Sykes will have to prove himself before he is appointed.

"Actions that brings results (sic) will determine the assumption of the role of chief justice," Holness said at Syke's swearing-in.

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