Tue | Dec 11, 2018

Nomination day: Clarke has too many interests to represent well, says Golding

Published:Monday | February 12, 2018 | 1:38 PM

Syranno Baines, Gleaner Writer

Member of Parliament for south St Andrew, Mark Golding has said that the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) Dr Nigel Clarke has too many other interests and responsibilities, and as such, won't be able to give focused attention to the residents of St Andrew North West.

"Dr Clarke is a person I've known long time now. I have respect for him, I'd even call him a friend but he has other interests and responsibilities. He's an ambassador for economic affairs, he chairs a number of boards and so on. So, I think the citizens will be better off with our [PNP] candidate because they will able to get more attention than he's able to provide at this time," Golding told The Gleaner outside the Pembroke Hall Community Centre.

Party President Dr Peter Phillips told Reporters that while the contest may seem a "uphill walk" for the PNP, Hayle is the best suited candidate to turn the tide in the party's favour.

"She was the most committed, most resolved, most enthusiastic and the most devoted to service that is why she was chosen. She has constantly answered the call to service. She has educated herself, served in her school,  honoured by independent institutions in the country for her service to the people of Jamaica.  I am proud to be here with her, as are my colleagues," said Phillips.

Phillips also used the platform to speak on what members of the PNP hierarchy have described as "political victimisation", this after news broke on Sunday of a planned audit of Padmore Primary today which would clash with the nomination exercise.

"We have experience over the past two years of the inclination on the part of the authorities now in governemt to victimise," declared Phillips. 

"Any effort to say to her that she needs to come on nomination day to answer question in the ministry is evidence of an unnecessary contrivance which would suggest victimisation."