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Ten top #CapturingKingston Photo Competition - Overall and special prize winners to be announced today

Published:Friday | February 16, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Gerald Gordon's compelling capture of Alex Walker, a hard working vendor and professional baker earned him the most votes in the people category.
"Woke" by Jermaine Duncan, winner of the history category, features a recreation of Edna Manley's "Negro Aroused".
Matthew Morrison's "Kingston's Honeycomb", winner of the infrastructure category, was shot at the heart, of the centre of downtown Kingston, Parade.

The Gleaner has announced the winners of its photo competition celebrating the 145th anniversary of the city of Kingston.

The #CapturingKingston Photo Competition invited photography and video enthusiasts to focus their cameras on Kingston on December 16, 2017.

The contest, which ran from December 2017 to January 2018, received more than 700 submissions from over 136 competitors across the categories of people, history, and infrastructure.

An internal Gleaner panel chose the best five in four categories: video, people, infrastructure, and history.

These four categories were put to public vote on Instagram: @jamaicagleaner from January 6-13.

Ricardo Makyn, multimedia photo editor at The Gleaner and chair of the judging panel, said that he was pleasantly surprised by the entries.

"The photographers and videographers did a fantastic job on the day, thus making the judging process extremely, difficult," said Makyn.

Makyn and his team of four judges - Integration Editor Damion Mitchell, Videographer La Tania-Jonelle Hall, Multimedia Coordinator Raymond Simpson, and Photographer Gladstone Taylor - also selected the winners of the special award for high school students, aged 11-19, and the overall prize winner.

The winners of the overall and special prizes will be announced today at an awards ceremony at The Gleaner's 7 North Street office.

The #CapturingKingston Photo Competition is sponsored by the MoBay City Run and Fimi Shotz.


Winners of the 2018 #CapturingKingston Photo Competition:



People of Kingston


Winner: Gerald Gordon

1st Runner-up: Jevon Williams




Winner: Matthew Morrison

1st Runner-up: Isabella Issa




Winner: Jermaine Duncan

1st Runner-up: Temu Moore




Winner: Dane Nelson

1st Runner-up: Jayvie Burgess