Sat | Jan 19, 2019

Clarendon Police commander suggests limiting discretion of judges

Published:Monday | February 19, 2018 | 3:46 PMCecelia Campbell

The acting head of the Clarendon Police, Superintendent David White, is suggesting that some of the discretion given to judges in applying sentences are taken away.

Speaking at a community meeting in Longsville Park in the parish on the weekend, Superintendent White expressed frustration with the slow pace of the justice system, as well as, with some of the light sentences given by judges for serious crimes.

He took issue with the long time it takes to dispose of cases, pointing out that many cases are before the courts for up to 10 years while the alleged perpetrator is given bail.

He said there is a growing trend where many of those who are out on bail commit crimes.

He suggested that the law should prescribe minimum sentences for serious crimes so that judges have limited discretion in sentencing.

In the meantime, Superintendent White suggested that the sentence for illegal vending be increased.

The acting Clarendon police chief argued that increasing the sentence for illegal vending would put a serious dent in the illegal practice.

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