Thu | Jul 19, 2018

In-School Productivity Campaign | Maintaining productive behaviours in our daily lives

Published:Monday | February 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Sandrea Dennis Plummer

'Productivity is Everybody's Business', not just that of the government, the manufacturers, the farmers or the corporate businesses. As a people, doing the right things the right way - that is working efficiently and effectively, are standards we must aim to achieve in order to create a prosperous, just and equitable society.

Have you ever wondered what causes someone to see the need to adopt and maintain productive behaviours? Is it the streamlined systems set up in our workplaces or is it because we understand the relationship between wasteful activities and higher cost on time as well as other resources such as money?

Do we pay more attention to the immediate and personal impact of our decisions to be or not to be as efficient and effective as we possibly can? Are we aware of the ripple, and sometimes compounding, effects?

Many of us casually waste scarce resources such as water and electricity because we are in a position to pay the bills. But, the more resources we misuse or misappropriate because we can afford to, is the poorer we make ourselves as a people. Think about what else that extra money could have been invested in.

Another sad reality is that we tend to misuse and abuse resources whenever we are not the ones who are directly being affected by the expenses. But I beg you to think of this, if your employer or another entity is continually being asked to pay the cost for unnecessary or unproductive behaviours, that entity's financial position will eventually be eroded, causing it to struggle in order to remain afloat.

This reality may not mean much to a single individual or organisation, however, over time, these behaviours might be reflected in a high oil import bill. Oil is needed to generate electricity, fuel our transportation system and pump water to our homes and offices, and when the oil bill is high, our energy bills will rise - affecting the cost of food production, transportation, among many other things.

Therefore, it is incumbent on us as a people - young and old, poor and rich - to utilise resources properly to do the right things. These were some of the points shared recently with students of the HEART Trust/NTA's Learning for Earning Activity Programme, during their orientation sessions as they were being prepared for the world of work.

- Sandrea Dennis Plummer is a communication specialist at the Jamaica Productivity Centre