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Growth & Jobs | Local personal shopping business soaring to Cayman Islands; US

Published:Tuesday | February 20, 2018 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin/Gleane Writer
They make a fashionable statement. See why these women, Manju Dadlani (left) and Amanda Spence can shop for you?
The elegant owners of Acheteur Elite, from left: Manju Dadlani and Amanda Spence.

A few of their peers who explored the idea of personal shopping have migrated. However, Amanda Spencer and Manju Dadlani, chose to take the risk of investing in themselves and their country and are now owners of Acheteur Elite, a personal-shopping business based in Montego Bay.

Though based in the Second City, the duo has been able to acquire clients in places including The Cayman Islands and the United States.

Spencer explained that over the four years during which they have been in operation, she and her business partner have developed the expertise to make sound suggestions on what works and what doesn't.

"The concept of reselling clothes is an oversaturated market. So over a lunch date, we explored the idea of personal shopping. In this field, it is imperative that you try to remain a step ahead of everyone else, so with personal shopping, we offer wardrobe revamping and styling. We have had clients refer to us as the genie in their closets," she told The Gleaner.

"It's coming into your house, looking at your wardrobe, throwing out what needs to be thrown out. Some persons are attached to some things, but we come in, switch things up for you so when you walk in your closet, the items are already there. It's for that kind of person who is always on the go, not having much time for shopping. We are a 24-hour service, pretty much at your fingertips. Your beck and call."

Dadlani pointed out, however, that it has not been an easy task as trust and confidence are critical as the nature of the business involves getting in one's individual space.

There's no quick money in personal shopping

"If they want a quick money thing, it's going to take a while because you have to build clients' trust. If you land a corporate client, for example, people have to gain your trust, to allow someone to come into your house or your personal space, it takes a lot. It was rough initially," she said.

"Like any business, we have faced our fair share of challenges, but we have learnt from them. We ride from the wave, and we get bigger and better. Competition is there, but I don't mind it. It keeps us on our toes, and it keeps us accountable. Once your client gets past the trust and confidence issue, I think it's a great market to be in, because style is always evolving. It's not going anywhere, it's here forever," Dadlani declared.


Appeal to industry


They both made an appeal to the local fashion industry.

"We would want the fashion industry to become more familiar with the idea of a personal shopper. In the States or in UK (United Kingdom), personal shoppers are able to go to the store, grab items, go to the clients, have the clients try the clothing and bring it back. "We don't have that here. We have to purchase the item, so we want them to become more familiar with idea of a personal shopper where they can see that it is beneficial on all ends."