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Longville Park residents put on alert

Published:Tuesday | February 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Superintendent David White


Acting head of the Clarendon police, Superintendent David White, has urged residents of Longville Park to start trusting the law enforcers.

Speaking on Sunday at Longville Park Phase II Community Centre, Superintendent White informed residents that gangs were already taking root in the community, noting that one of the major gangs from Farm/Effortville is present, as well as a Clansman.

"From Longville Park, they would launch attacks in Old Harbour Bay and May Pen," he told shocked residents who turned out to the special sensitisation meeting called by the executive body.

Superintendent White told them to be observant and report any suspicious faces or movements.

"Because if you see no evil and speak no evil, then evil will overcome you. Silent lips won't help," he said, using the community of Canaan Heights as an example, where residents took action by reporting wrongdoers, resulting in them having a murder-free 2017.

The superintendent warned residents that if they allowed gangs tobecome further entrenched criminality would surge.

"Little by little, community decay will start to take place, unbushed areas, boy start to bleach out, smoking the ganja, bad word cursing, music around, the type of driving, big bikes start to come in and they start to roll in, but you pay little attention," he said.

Meanwhile, head of the Longville Park police sergeant Sonia Campbell, warned parents to take control of their teenagers, who are prime targets for recruitment by gangs.

"You are inside and you don't know where your children are in the nights," she said, telling them that if they did not take control, the wrong elements would.