Mon | Nov 19, 2018

​St Thomas mother loses custody of daughters after machete beating

Published:Thursday | February 22, 2018 | 5:10 PM

The two children of St Thomas mother Doreen Dyer including the daughter she was seen in a video beating with a machete will remain in the custody of their aunt until they are 18 years old. 

That was the verdict of Senior Parish Judge Fiona Feare-Gregory when Dyer, her sister, and the two children appeared before the Yallahs Children's Court today.

The children, who are twins, are 13 years old.

They were placed in the custody of their aunt after their mother was charged last year October.

The court ruled that Dyer will be able to have supervised visits with her children with her sister present.

Forty-four-year-old Dyer was sentenced to three years' probation after pleading guilty to cruelty to a child in the St Thomas Parish Court on February 9.

She was charged by the police last year and was subsequently offered bail.

The partially nude mother was seen in a video beating the girl violently with a machete while uttering expletives.