Mon | Apr 6, 2020

Broadcasting Commission wants proposed Information Commissioner be given more powers

Published:Tuesday | February 27, 2018 | 12:39 PMJerome Reynolds

The Broadcasting Commission is proposing that the proposed Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act be given more powers to levy sanctions against entities who fail to comply with a request for information.

Under the proposed law, the Commissioner is empowered to request information as part of a probe or any other activity.

The Commissioner can also issue a notice where there is a breach.

Failure to comply with a request would be an offence and the offender shall be liable, upon conviction in the parish court, of a fine of up to $500,000.

Officials of the Broadcasting Commission this morning appeared before the Joint Select Committee which is examining the proposed statue.

The Commission’s Executive Director, Cordel Green, argued that a wider framework for imposing sanctions is needed to affect behaviour in the new dispensation.

Green argued that there needs to be more room in the law to be punitive to as a deterrent.


Executive director of the Broadcasting Commission, Cordell Green

Meanwhile, the Commission Chairman, Professor Anthony Clayton, argued, among other things, that Jamaican continues towards the information age and more needs to be done to inform citizens of how to operate in the digital space.

Noting that persons give companies access to their private information when they download applications, Professor Clayton called for greater digital literacy among the population.

It was proposed that fines collection for breaching the law should be used for public education. 

He further argued that the proposed law should include provisions placing responsibility on foreign companies which capture the information of Jamaicans in Jamaica to protect that personal data.


Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission Professor Anthony Clayton