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Crystal Daye - Living a purpose-filled life

Published:Saturday | March 17, 2018 | 12:07 AM
Crystal Daye

It is the popular belief that everyone was created for a special purpose, and only when this is realised and embraced can one truly begin to live a life of fulfilment.

International Christian Empowerment coach and motivational speaker, Crystal Daye, remembers the exact moment when her purpose was revealed to her.

"After seemingly achieving most of the earthly success I desired, I still felt something missing. This quest led me to continuously cry out to God why He placed me on this earth. I couldn't accept that I was placed on this earth just to pay bills and die, so I started buying every book on 'purpose', reading blogs and watching videos, but for some reason it just wasn't coming together. I felt led to start doing what I was passionate about: motivating young ladies, and I did that through hosting workshops in my community. I realise I felt most alive as I served others. Once I took the focus off "seeking purpose" and serving others, I clearly heard the Lord said, 'Crystal you're called to help women live wholesome godly lives'. In different season of my life this looks differently and I do this in various ways, but I know that whatever my assignment in a season is, it comes down to the main purpose of giving God glory in my life," she said.

Establishing that there is a common confusion between one's purpose and one's calling, Daye wanted to make a clear distinction.




According to her 'purpose' is the reason for existence; in most cases the 'why' of life while 'calling' is considered your specific assignment which is the 'how' of life.

"They are normally used interchangeable, but I believe there is a slight difference because purpose is twofold. I believe there is one main purpose we all have which is to GLORIFY GOD (fear God and obey His command). This is our ultimate duty, so no matter what stage we are in our life, everything we do should represent Him. The other aspect of purpose is the what I do to glorify God, which tends to intertwine with the how.

"For example: a young man can cook well. His ultimate purpose is to glorify God whether he decides to be a car salesman or student. If he truly desires to know why God placed him on earth, he would seek His Creator and start developing a relationship with Him. God might reveal that he has been called to cook (which is sometimes revealed through passion or pain). But it could go even deeper where God says 'open a healthy food restaurant cooking food to help persons to take care of their temple'," she said, adding that the calling may come early or later in life, once one remains faithful to the purpose.

"Still, many are dumbfounded as to the first step to take in finding the reasons they have been placed on earth.

"Life, for them is a routine of survival and though they enjoy the pleasures of being, they still struggle with a feeling of discontentment," Daye continued.




Giving tips on ways to go to discovering one's reason for living, the empowerment coach, best-selling author and woman of God, said the first step is to believe that God is not trying to hide your purpose from you.

"He says if you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him (Jer. 29:13). So believe that God wants to reveal His purpose for you more than you know. But, too often we get caught up in seeking to do things for God and not desire to know Him. When God reveals His purpose for you, it's not an option. He's not telling you something so you can pick and choose if you should or should not do it. So while you're pursuing God's purpose for your life, start seeking to grow in intimacy with Him. Start learning how to be obedient in the small commands and faithful in the "little" things. Remember purpose is not about you, it is about serving the persons God has called you to serve, and many times it will mean you being uncomfortable; you might be misunderstood and even persecuted. But once you have a relationship with God, you can truly hear His voice and seek to live a life obediently, purpose will automatically be revealed

"I want to note that: don't be caught up in thinking if you don't start a ministry or be on a stage, your purpose is less than anyone else. Whatever God has called you to do plays a vital role in the kingdom," she concluded.