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In-School Productivity Campaign | Encouragement sweetens labour

Published:Monday | March 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Sandrea Dennis Plummer

It's not unusual for schools to reward students for outstanding performances at the end of a semester, a year, or even at the end of a programme of study in a bid to acknowledge, motivate, and encourage excellence.

This was the case at Knox Community College, where they awarded prizes to students during their College Day event recently, held at the Cobbla Campus in Spauldings, Manchester. Evidence of the 'teacher-sick episode' which was taking place across the island was not apparent, as the students and teachers from the various campuses, as well as high schools, converged on the location.

Many corporate entities took the opportunity to display their products, services, and information about career opportunities to the students; and the Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) was no different. The JPC team was accompanied by one of LASCO Distributors' brand managers, Krishta-Gay Lewis-Harewood, who gave talks on the importance of having a nutritious breakfast and how it contributes to better productivity throughout the day.

Since January, the JPC has partnered with LASCO Distributors to execute its In-School Productivity Campaign, which seeks to build awareness among students about ways to improve productivity, and, of course, good nutrition is one of those ways.

Traffic was high as a number of students and staff streamed into the JPC/LASCO booth for inspiring information and samples of food items and other rewards for their interest.

Towards the end the day, communication specialist in the JPC's information and communication unit, Sandrea Dennis Plummer, addressed the business students during their awards ceremony, hosted by the Department of Business Management.

She implored them to identify and overcome or totally avoid whatever was their 'kryptonite'. That is, they should discard whatever distraction prohibited them from excelling.

Dennis Plummer offered six characteristics that would help the students ensure that they achieve their goals.

"Identify your passion and commit to it. Utilise your gifts to help others and find your points of motivation. Experiences, - good, bad and indifferent - help to build character, so embrace them. And persevere! If at the first you do not get it right, try it another way," insisted Dennis Plummer.