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Designer bicycles, anyone? - Spanish Town welder ready to roll out transport line

Published:Monday | March 19, 2018 | 12:00 AMJason Cross/Gleaner Writer
Clay Sterling on his designer bicycle.

Shortly after a state of public emergency was declared in the St Catherine North division on Sunday, The Gleaner ran into a man in the parish who travelled along the Spanish Town bypass on a custom-designed bicycle he constructed.

A welder by trade, Clay Sterling told The Gleaner that he had been constructing bicycles since he was a 'youth'.

Based on positive reception from onlookers when he rides out his latest designer bicycle, built in February, he is now accepting orders from anyone who wants a bicycle with a design of their preferred choice.

"From mi a youth mi can mek any type of bicycle. A man can come with him design and me just create something, whether it be three wheel, four wheel, all pickney bicycle, it nuh matter. Mi just get some frames, cut them up, then put them back together, because mi have experience in matrix engineering from mi a 20, and now mi a 47," he said.

He noted that ghetto youths attach various names to the products of his craft, and said he is usually the centre of attraction when he rolls out.

"Di youth dem inna di ghetto call it a gangster ride, but if mi fi name it, me call it a designer ride. Me think the pickney bicycle dem will all sell fast. From mi put out this February, it have a impact pon di road. School pickney, white people and different type a foreigner, you name it, dem love it. When mi go through di ghetto, mi can't even ride in peace," Sterling said as he broke out into laughter.

He said his welding shop is located on the Spanish Town bypass, very close to St John's Road, and anyone interested in riding out in style can contact him and place an order at 512-3780.