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Mobile justice unit stops at Hagley Park Road

Published:Tuesday | April 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Attorney-at-law Shara-Kay Dacres (right), who is a legal consultant with the Legal Aid Council’s mobile justice unit, listens to a teacher at the Promise Learning Centre, Janique Lewis Minzie. The unit stopped at the institution on Monday to offer free consultations and legal advice to teachers, parents of students, and residents of nearby communities.

The Legal Aid Council's mobile justice unit stopped at the Promise Learning Centre on Hagley Park Road, St Andrew, on Monday, offering free consultation and legal advice to teachers, parents of students and residents.

Persons received counsel on land-related matters, how to make a will, child maintenance, the rights of children with special needs, among other areas.

Attorney-at-law Shara-Kay Dacres, who is a legal consultant with the council, said "a lot of persons wanted to know how they can benefit from an estate, so we gave advice in relation to that.

"We took them through the steps on how to apply for letters of administration. A lot of persons asked about divorce as well and what are the requirements under the Matrimonial Causes Act, and we provided them with that type of advice," she noted further.

For her part, teacher at the Promise Learning Centre, Janique Lewis Minzie, said the service she received from the unit was excellent.

"The lawyer was very informative, and she helped shed some light on a certain situation that I asked her about," Lewis Minzie said.

The mobile justice unit, which began operations in January 2017, provides free consultation and advice, and completes court assignments for clients with criminal matters.

It is targeting communities under the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) III, which is a multifaceted crime- and violence-prevention initiative of the Government that is focused on building community safety and security.

CSJP initiatives are being undertaken in 50 vulnerable communities across eight parishes. They are Kingston, St Andrew, St James, Westmoreland, St Ann, St Mary, Clarendon, and St Catherine.

The service is in keeping with the Government's strategic priority focused on strengthening the rule of law and providing timely justice outcomes.