Sun | Oct 21, 2018

Steve Lyston | Praying for leaders and nations

Published:Monday | April 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Our prayers have the potential to determine the direction a nation and its leaders go, and this does not only affect the current generation, but also generations to come. We oftentimes hear people criticise or mock prayer in terms of the influence and impact it has on a nation, but now we are seeing and experiencing the result of a lack of prayer.

The crime, violence, break-down of the family and moral decline is sorely visible. There is a breach in the moral fabric of our society and when that happens, then anything can enter our borders spiritually and naturally. The very state of our political sector and of the youth of our nation is the result of a lack of prayer.

Matthew 6: 6-15 tells us that prayer aligns the earth with heaven and also brings us into God's perfect will, daily provision and allows debt cancellation. If each and every person would simply pray this prayer every day, then the next generation would not be consumed and obsessed with apps, social network, television, cable, and the violent games.

All this has disconnected them from the true vine and is terminating the future leaders of the next generation. We have a crisis on our hands. When the fear of the Lord no longer exists among our youth - our future leaders - then the nation is heading for a downfall (Proverbs 9: 10 - 11; Psalms 112). It is critical that between now and the month of July, the people of the nation pray for their leader and for their nation as never before.

Many times when leaders fall or fail - whether business, political or church - many people rejoice, but we should not. Our responsibility is to pray that they do not fall to the worldly pressures, seeking popularity and fame by making decisions that displease God. Saul started out well but fell to the public pressures. He should have totally destroyed the Amalekite king. However, he spared him because of fear through public pressure. This caused God to shift from him, and he lost God's favour from his life and his administration scattered and fell.

It is critical for every Christian leader to pray at least three times daily as Daniel did, even when He was made governor. Even when decrees were established to outlaw Christian prayer and worship, he understood what was at stake and continued. He knew that God rules over the affairs of men, and he knew that his people needed the power of God's favour on the nation. He know that the advisers that surrounded the king had ulterior motives and wanted his demise. So, we must pray that we each have a new mind and a new heart so that we can stay connected to the will of God and have a peaceful life. Can you imagine if all leaders - church, political, business - pray before making certain decisions? We would have peace, joy and prosperity.


Why pray


- That our leaders have sound mind and will not bow to the pressures of the world.

- Ability to discern good from evil and clean from unclean.

- That they will be surrounded with Godly people with pure motive as advisors.

- That they will not lose the zeal for serving the people.

- That they will know times and seasons and how to implement changes in the right season.

- Provision for the nation and that the Judases will be exposed and removed.

- The leaders will be bold to stand up against evil and resist manipulation.

- That the eyes and understanding of the people will be opened.

- Leadership will emerge in every sector of the nation, who will be true to the people and will put their interest at heart.

- Pray for kings and all leaders who serve - that they be in the will of God and that they will be free from turmoil (1 Timothy 2: 2).

- Pray against any anti-Christ plans to be imposed on a nation according to Psalms 2, and that God will shatter their plans.

- Pray for the peace and prosperity of the nation or city, for then we all prosper (Jeremiah 29:7).