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The Anointed Writer speaks of dating the godly way

Published:Saturday | May 5, 2018 | 12:00 AMShanna Kaye Monteith/Gleaner Writer

Talked about, sung about and preached about is the beauty of marriage - an institution where a union, created by love under God, is sealed with a promise of a lifetime is worth of support and companionship an institution publicly lauded by the society and church folks alike.

Yet, often neglected is the fact that single (unmarried) Christians need love, too.

Though some churches spend little to no time acknowledging the reality, there are those that educate their members of the importance of godly dating.

Attacking the issue head on is Amoy Adams, an appointed woman of God who operates under the moniker The Anointed Writer - a title she said was given to her by God.

"In my opinion, godly dating is the process of getting to know someone with the intention to marry them. This process is mandatory, purposeful and holy and should be experienced carefully as the main aim is to establish a strong, godly marriage," she said.

Adams emphasised the compulsoriness of the process, noting that it is both spiritual and physical.

According to her: "Godly dating is to ensure that the union we are getting into is purposed by God and that both persons understand the purpose of the union and their role therein - spiritual. Physically, it is to ensure that both persons are on the same page in all areas (finances, desire for children, etc.) but with a godly/kingdom perspective, which means God as guide; nothing is done prematurely or solely to satisfy sexual desire."




Adams revealed that three years ago, she had went ahead of God and chose her own 'future husband', a choice she was undoubtedly made to regret.

Now going through the process of godly dating, The Anointed Writer is keen on sharing a few lessons she has learnt along the way.

"I couldn't stand him. He was annoying to me and didn't seem like someone I would be interested in on any level, so I ignored him. But somehow, I kept running into him. I couldn't shake the guy, but he was never etched in my mind as someone of importance," she said of Christopher Lawrence (Chris Lawrence Ministries on facebook), admitting that he was not what she wanted.

However, following the submission of her life to Christ and the revelation of His plans for her, things started to fall in place.

"The man I met and was led to build with two years ago wasn't half the man he is today. He wasn't spiritually mature. He didn't have all the money in the world, but we were compatible, and we connected on a spiritual level. God ordained it, and He has been showing up and showing off ever since," Adams said.

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