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Displaced but not despondent - Young man set on reaching goals despite the odds

Published:Saturday | May 5, 2018 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
Terrin Whickham, a young man with a bright future

Mandeville, Manchester:

Some people take for granted what it means to have both their parents in their lives and homes, actively involved and showing no signs of ever allowing them to handle certain things on their own.

Eighteen-year-old Terrin Whickham was not fortunate to a have nuclear family structure. However, he is bent on achieving his dreams and living a life of purpose.

The Clarendon College fifth-form student, whose mother has been battling a mental illness and whose father helps when he is able to, told Family & Religion that the struggles he faces propel him to strive for a better life.

"I tried to get a summer job with NYS (the National Youth Service). I applied for an ID, but I won't get it until June, and without the ID, I am unable to start a bank account, so that has pushed me back a little. I could use a passport as a form of identification to get the bank account, but I haven't got around that as yet because I'm working on getting the about $7,000 to apply for the passport."

He added, "If I can get help with getting my passport done, I would be elated, because if I get my passport, I can sign up for my bank account and then go in search for a summer job. Let me just say, if anyone out there wants to offer me a summer job, I am ready, willing and waiting. I am very good in the technical field; I can do welding, construction, all of those."

Whickham, who was a reserve for the national Under-15 cricket team and helped his school in securing the Under-14 cricket title in 2014, said his aspirations are many, and he sees nothing wrong with exploring as many as he possibly can.

"Growing up, I really wanted to be an accountant or a marine pilot. I have always wanted to work in the legal field, though, which is why I am now thinking to join the JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force) or the Fire Brigade."

Having been successful in attaining three CSEC subjects in fourth form, Whickham is expecting that he will be successful in the four other subjects he is to sit this month.

With thoughts of not just the present, but of the future, Whickham said it has always been his dream to go to college.

"I would really want help to attend Northern Caribbean University. I want to get a college degree, and I want to help my family and make them proud," he ended.