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Improving customer service in parish courts... things you should know

Published:Thursday | May 17, 2018 | 7:18 PM
The Black River Parish Court in St Elizabeth

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes has said judges in the parish courts will be required to be aware of the provisions of the customer service charter governing the operations of the courts.

Among the provisions is for phones to be answered within four rings.

Sykes was speaking at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court (Civil Division) on Sutton Street at the launch of customer service centres for parish courts.

Here are some of the provisions of the charter:-

When you visit a court, staff will:

1. Be courteous, helpful, professional and respectful to your needs.

2. Provide fair treatment for all parties whether they appear with legal representation or not.

3. Deliver prompt and responsive service within a reasonable time of your arrival at the court.

4. Be respectful of your privacy (unless there are legal requirements to disclose information).

5. Provide information that is clear and understandable.

6. Listen to your requests and give directions accordingly.

7. Listen to comments about our services and try our best to resolve those that can be resolved.

8. Provide adequate information on court dates and cases.

When you call, the court staff will:

1. Answer telephone calls within four rings and ensure that enquires are dealt with courteously and efficiently.

2. Tell you what is happening: if you have to be put on hold and if we transfer the call, you will be informed of the name of the person to whom you are being transferred.

When you write, court staff will:

1. Acknowledge receipt of your correspondence within five (5) working days.

2. Provide a written reply to your letters and emails within a maximum of ten (10) working days. When this is not possible, notification will be made by whatever means available.

3. When responding to letters or emails we will be clear, precise, concise and courteous. All responses will bear a signatory’s name, date, full address and reference number where applicable.

What the court staff cannot do:

1. Recommend to you a named attorney-at-law.

2. Tell you what the decision of the Court will be.

3. Interpret, intervene or change orders made by a Judicial officer.

4. Facilitate you to communicate with a Judge other than at the hearing of your court case.

5. Perform any activity which will be in breach of the Law, ethical conduct required of Judicial Officers, policies of the Court Management Services, or the Staff Orders of the Government of Jamaica.

6. You should provide complete and accurate information.

7. Where applicable, provide the required documents.

8. Advise court staff of any special needs that you might have.

9. Read and follow instructions provided to you.

10. Conduct business in a disciplined and respectful manner.

11. Conform to Court rules and security procedures.

12. Arrive on time for Court hearings.

*Provide feedback on court service (completing customer service feedback forms, using the complaint system at or calling us at 1-888-429-5269)