Sun | Jun 16, 2019

UPDATE: "The wait is over!" Waite supporters declare early victory

Published:Sunday | May 20, 2018 | 2:51 PM
Basil Waite is greeted by a supporter as he arrived at the St Elizabeth Technical High School this morning.

Comrades supporting Basil Waite are declaring an early victory and have set up a massive sound system outside the gates of the St Elizabeth Technical High School where voting is taking place.

Waite is being challenged by Everton Fisher to be the People's National Party standard-bearer for the North East St Elizabeth constituency.

In the Waite camp there was much excitement as a throng of supporters danced to old hits blasting from erected speakers.

At the gathering the scent of smoke and the aroma of mannish water permeated the air as the supporters mellowed.

"The wait is over. No more waiting! Waite time now," a supporter shouted as he danced in front of the erected speakers.

Other supporters clad in orange also expressed confidence that the race was over and that Waite is set to runaway with the victory.

"It done. Yuh nuh see how over deh so lame," a smiling support said pointing to a tent where Fisher's supporters had gathered.

"Waite a the better man. Him a the brighter man and a him we a work wid... PNP straight. The winner is Waite!" a woman shouted before focusing on a corn she was eating.

But unlike his supporters, Waite was not ready to call victory. He said he was "waiting and see".

"You know how the politics go...," he said cautiously.

Waite told The Gleaner that the voter turn out was low but said it had risen at about the 37 per cent mark which had been cited at 1 o clock this afternoon.

"It soon over, we will see how it goes," he insisted before greeting supporters who had arrived.

The polls are scheduled to close at 4:00 p.m.