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KSAMC's renovation of Isolation Ward at Bustamante Hospital for Children continues after Labour Day

Published:Wednesday | May 23, 2018 | 11:59 AM
Mayor of Kingston Delroy Williams

Mayor of Kingston, Senator Delroy Williams, says the renovation of the Isolation Ward at the Bustamante Hospital for Children will continue after Labour Day. 

“The project has come a far way since its commencement. We have budgeted over $4 million for phase one of the renovation. We will be constructing three isolation rooms on the ward ranging from mild to moderate and severe isolation," the mayor explained.

In explaining the extent of the work done so far, Williams said: "We have torn out most of the wooden structures as there was a termite infestation. We replaced it with aluminium and did work on the plumbing and will be installing air conditioning units along with new windows and doors.” 

According to the mayor, “The issues are many but we will take it one step at a time until we are finished. We thank those who joined and are walking with us and we will ensure the ward is fit for the most precious assets we have as a city, our children.” 

He also mentioned that the KSAMC Junior Council was simultaneously undertaking its own Labour Day Project at the Breezy Castle roundabout. 

Youth Mayor Annakay Hudson and Junior CEO Matthew Fulton are leading their team in the creation of a 200-metre cycle track and beautification project, which includes the planting of trees. 

“That project is also ongoing and we have big plans for the space and what it will mean for the transformation of Downtown Kingston," Williams said.

“Labour Day is everyday for the vision that we have for Kingston. There is a lot to be done so we continue everyday to do the best we can;” the mayor added.