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Furore over Chozenn’s new album

Published:Saturday | May 26, 2018 | 12:00 AMShanna Kaye Monteith/Gleaner Writer

Gospel artiste Chozenn ruffled some religious features earlier this week with the release of his latest single, Jesus Name Mi Bawl Out, a remake of secular artiste Dovey Magnum's raunchy song, Bawl Out.

Christians and non-Christians alike have since condemned the move, demanding that it not be used in churches or on gospel radio stations.

Various youth ministers are among those who have rejected the new track.

"The fact that a minister of the gospel could come boldly and make a song like that shows us what's in his heart. How? Approximately the entire Jamaica knows the song by now, and it's evident that your inspiration came from that song and not the Spirit of God. What are you teaching other worship leaders, musicians, ministers or the body of Christ?

"Worship should flow from your personal relationship with God and His revelations of Himself to us. We express ourselves to God by different means only because He gives the inspiration. What are you feeding your spirit on, though? Where is your inspiration coming from?" Minister Andrew Livermore asked of the gospel artiste.

Another youth minister, who wished to remain anonymous, told Family & Religion that Chozenn's song now makes his job as a minister harder.

"Now, I have to defend the gospel industry because people are saying 'pastors', referring to Chozenn, are hiding behind dancehall to enhance their career.

"I sorta agree because the song in its simplicity makes little to no sense and barely glorifies God.

"An unsaved (person) who knows the original song can easily say, 'But in order for him to write his song with such accuracy to the original means he must have sat down and meditated on it.' It's putting the Church in a spot to defend our integrity and originality," he said.


Publicity Stunt Gone Wrong


Putting on the cap of what he calls an industry player, one minister referred to the move as a publicity stunt gone wrong.

According to him: "I think he's trying to find the next hit thing that will work for him. Unfortunately, he went searching in the enemy's camp, and saints are not having it, while some of the saints, out of ignorance of the original song, love the single."

But Chozenn remains undaunted by the backlash as he maintains that the song is not an effort to make money, as it's not being sold, but it was a direct inspiration and instruction of God.

"This move of God will naturally provoke emotions, but it transcends beyond the church, and it's for the lost - they'll reject it at first because flesh doesn't like nothing the Spirit does.

"The word of God says be separate and apart from the world, yes, but we must use wisdom. How are we gonna win souls by being passive and confined to the walls of the church when souls are crying out and our children are being lured into sex, etc.? Social media and television have poisoned our youth, and me, as a minister of the gospel, must be an escapist and ignore the harsh, wrong reality? The word of God also says go into the lanes, roads, highways and byways radically with His word so His house can be full. This is just another bait God is using to win his people," he said, adding that his sole aim is to win souls for the Kingdom.