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'Salvation well' keeps 'Aunt Clunis' going - 104-year-old tickled by her Facebook likes

Published:Friday | May 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMCarlene Davis
An alert, strong and responsive 104-year-old Naomi Clunis
A playful moment between 104-year-old Naomi Clunis and her daughters, Royell Boxe (left) and Icilda Hinds.

She was already 90 years old when the social-media explosion started with the advent of Facebook in 2004, but Naomi Clunis is well aware of the impact that this has had on the world and is proud that her picture has been getting likes on the site.

Having celebrated her birthday on Thursday, May 17 at 104 years old, Clunis is well aware of what's happening around her, including the impact of social media.

Known to many as 'Aunt' or 'Grandma' in her Portmore, St Catherine, community of Christian Pen, Clunis speaks very clearly, her sight is not what it used to be, but she can hear you very well if you speak up.

Clunis says she was born and raised in James Hill, Clarendon, and credits her faith in Christ for her long life.

"I follow his command and do everything that is right and good. I go to the salvation well and I full my bucket. I don't half it or quarter it, I full it," Clunis told The Sunday Gleaner.

She said she was baptised from as long as she could remember, and since then she has been a 'church girl'.

According to Clunis, she earned her living as a dressmaker, sewing and knitting different items for sale to support her family.

A mother of three, one son and two daughters, Clunis said when their father died she had to raise them by herself. She took that opportunity to instil "good Christian values" in them.

Her two daughters, who are also Christians, are taking care of her. Her son has since died but with 18 children between them, she has numerous grand and great-grandchildren.

Married twice, Clunis says she lived a full life with no regrets but if she had to list one bad phase in her life it would have to be getting married to her second husband.

"That marriage wasn't so nice. The man never treated me good. Him use to tell me bad words and him never support me," said Clunis, as she added that as a Christian she didn't think that it was in keeping with her religion to leave him.

"Mi would a left him but through me have Jesus with me. So if God no tell me fi do it, me don't do it. Mi just bear it until, and me just serve God the right and proper way. That's why anybody can now see me on Facebook now," said Clunis with a smile.

Age had robbed Clunis of her ability to walk so she now spends her days in bed, mostly praying and singing to God.

She enjoys sweet potato and fish and will not eat unless her head is properly covered.

"Seek the Lord, because he is good," said Clunis in her advice to Jamaicans.