Wed | Dec 12, 2018

Top attorney promises 'only solutions' for West Portlanders

Published:Sunday | May 27, 2018 | 8:59 PM
People's National Party standard-bearer in West Portland Valerie Neita-Robertson

Charging that her mission is to liberalise the Portland people from the "ineffective" governance they now face, newly installed People's National Party (PNP) standard-bearer for West Portland, Valerie Neita-Robertson, has expressed confidence that she will boot incumbent member of parliament Daryl Vaz at the next General Election.

Speaking at a PNP rally in the constituency this evening, Neita Robertson, a well-known criminal defence lawyer, told supporters she was up to the task and would stand with the people for years.

"Today marks a day marks a day which will change the lives of the people of west Portland. It marks a day when politics in this constituency will take a turn for the good," Robertson proclaimed.

"West Portlanders will no longer see a political environment which is influenced by members of this society who use the resources provided by the parish for their own pleasure," she said.

Cautioning that she was not a 'saviour', the popular attorney said she believed that she has what it takes to do better for the people.

Neita Robertson told Comrades that the campaign she would be leading would run under the banner of "no problems, only solutions".

"We shall not dwell on problems in this constituency because for every problem there is a solution and we shall find it," Neita-Robertson said.