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Youth minister releases book ‘Purpose Has No Shame’

Published:Saturday | June 9, 2018 | 12:00 AMCeceila Campbell-Livingston/Gleaner Writer
Cecelia Campbell-Livingston Purpose Has No Shame
Cecelia Campbell Livingston Leroy Hutchinson

Leroy Hutchinson - Church of God of Prophecy's national youth director and founder of the Operation Youth Reap, an initiative which targets young people, bringing the gospel of Christ to them - has taken his ministry one step further with the release of Purpose Has No Shame.

The book was officially launched in March and Hutchinson, who is also an ordained minister, mentor and father of two girls, said he is hoping the book will transform the lives of the readers.

Speaking on its contents, he said it is a practical yet inspirational book that will interest both Christians and non-Christians, with benefits of spiritual and emotional growth.

"The book is divided into three main parts: self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-sacrifice. It serves those who are concerned about their ministry, career choices, gifts, talents, and even personal struggles," he said.

He added that each page will call for a deep-seated self-examination on the critical question of purpose.

Hutchinson shared with Family & Religion that the book was heavily inspired by his own personal journey over the years as an "unorthodox young Christian", as well as his struggles and the eventual realisation that purpose can never be killed, neither can it ever be embarrassed.

"I have found out that I should listen to my purpose and not the negatives of life. Purpose has much better advice to give," he said.

The book's title, he said, is one which effectively captures his own life.

Hutchinson said he was influenced by his reflection on how he overcame personal struggles as well as the knowledge he gained from those around him.

"I was influenced by both the good and the bad experiences. I believe our lives are like stories. I guess we have to learn how to appreciate the negative and the positive experiences after a while. I was once afraid of losing my purpose. Fear gripped my heart many times in the past. I thought purpose was subject to title, position, possession, and location. But no, our purpose cannot be taken away. If we want to fulfil our destiny, we have got to approach life in a shameless manner. Things change, but purpose remains.

Cognisant of his own struggles to self-realisation, Hutchinson said he hopes those who read his book will also be encouraged in the realisation that although things will change, purpose remains.

"The invitation is extended to persevere amid the challenges and the reader is left feeling refreshed, revived and focused in this pursuit. This book will definitely aid in our spiritual formation and is a gripping reminder that we will achieve our purpose, one step at a time," he said.

Looking ahead, Hutchinson said that his next project will be a book titled The Leader In You.